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Youth Services is the #1 Need in our community

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Youth Advisory
ad hoc Committee

Youth Advisory ad hoc Committee (YAC):

An ad hoc committee of high school age youth to consist of 5 members, one from each district if possible. The Committee meets peridocially to discuss the needs of youth throughout San Benito County and  serve in an advisory capacity only to the CAB. The YAC has no official voting rights. Committee members would commit to a term of on semester and could opt to serve more than one semester as long as they are in high school.

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Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)

As a result of the 100 Day Challenge, it was found that that there are more than 2700 homeless individuals in Salinas, Monterey & San Benito County on any given night. 

Not having a system in place to identify the 170 youth, previously identified as homeless, made it difficult to communicate with them to provide them with assistance.

Another barrier is the lack of housing in all of the communities involved in the 100 Day Challenge. With little to no services in San Benito County for youth, the committee identified needs and began working on building new bridges of collaboration.  

After brainstorming solutions, and connecting with decision-makers, they began to create real change and as a result they were able

  • To engage youth with lived experiences.

  • Increase collaboration between agencies in Monterey & San Benito Counties.

  • Get housing units set aside for youth.

By the end of the 100 Day Challenge

  • 107 received homeless assessments

    • 40 people were housed

    • 30 were Transition Aged Youth (TAY)

    • 10 were children

    • 14 were in the process of being housed

  • Breakdown by county:

    • Monterey  - 26 TAY & 8 children​

    • San Benito - 4 TAY & 2 children

  • Of those:​

    • 12 - Parenting Youth​

    • 1 - Pregnant Couple

    • 10 children

    • 16 Singles

Other Successes:

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